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5 Yoga Postures to Relieve Back Pain

yoga postures to relieve back pain

Do you sit around all day? Do you end up with your back all messed up after a day’s work? It’s time for you to incorporate yoga exercises to reduce back pain, strengthen your spine and abdomen and improve flexibility. Yoga postures do not have to be complicated or advanced. In fact, with just 5-10 minutes a day, you can make a big difference to your back health. You can include them in your daily routine, either first thing in the morning, taking a break throughout the day or doing them at the end of the day.

Cat-Cow posture

This exercise is simple but effective, as it relieves back pain, improves spinal flexibility, activates the abdominal organs and promotes relaxation. Start with the cow’s posture, inhaling during exercise and exhaling when changing to the cat pose. Repeat this exercise at least 5 times.

Torsion of the spine

One of the simplest exercises for spinal torsion requires extending one leg while the other is bent to the side of the opposite leg to turn the back, while one arm rests behind the back, and the other on the bent knee. Do this pose several times on each side.

Dog upside down

This posture is very good for relieving low back pain and stretching the spine. It is ideal to do this posture before entering the dog head down.

Dog upside down

The dog upside down is one of the most popular yoga postures. It requires a whole body effort, therefore, it is a good posture to reduce back pain and strengthen it. To perform this pose correctly, it is important to relax the neck and head, support the hands well and create an inverted V by bringing the chest to the knees. Hold 5-10 breaths in this position.

The child’s posture

It may be one of the simplest postures, but it is very effective in relieving tension and accumulated stress. It is perfect to end the yoga postures session. Hold this pose for several deep breaths.

If you complete these exercises regularly, you will notice a great improvement in back strength and flexibility, as well as relief from back pain caused by everyday life.

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