Yoga exercises and benefits

The best yoga postures to start the day

Spending a few minutes on yoga every morning, before facing a hard day, is the best way to get going with an extra positive energy that will make you face any situation with good mood and inner peace. Start the day by practicing these yoga postures and you will notice the difference.

It is not only about opening your eyes but also your mind. Deep breathing, stretches to increase flexibility, movements that combine balance and relaxation are the basis of these yoga asanas to start the day with peace of mind, with a positive attitude and even better mood.

If you wake up listless and with that unpleasant feeling of having to deal with a lot of problems, devote a few minutes to yoga and you will get rid of any negative thoughts. Getting out on the street with more energy, feeling physically agile and in harmony with everything around you, will take very little time and bring you great benefits.

The best morning yoga routine

The first basic posture of morning yoga can only be the greeting to the sun. In fact, there are many benefits to having the Sun Salutation every morning. Its own name encapsulates the meaning of life that keeps yoga. We wake up and greet the King Star because we are part of the Universe and its energy. Being able to say good morning to the sun is the first reason to feel good.

Whether you want to lose weight fast by doing yoga or if you want to start the day with a full battery, we offer you more gentle yoga asanas to start the day off on the right foot:

yoga postures when you wake up, ideal for meditation

Sun salutation

Standing up, with your body and head erect but without tension, place your hands at chest level in a prayer position (palms together). Take a deep breath in as you raise your arms to the top of your head. Slightly arch your back backwards, without forcing, noticing the movement of your vertebrae. Return to the starting position or if you prefer, complete the posture by flexing the trunk forward, trying to let your chest touch the knees but in a relaxed way, letting your head and arms hang down.

Repeat the greeting 3 – 5 times and continue with the following yoga postures when you wake up, ideal for meditation, increasing your flexibility and making your positive energy “wake up” and flow.

The tree

To perform this morning yoga posture you must place yourself in a vertical position, separate your feet until you place them at the height of your hips. Put your hands together in front of your chest (prayer). Breathe in as you raise your arms and also, slowly, lift your right leg up until you touch the left calf with the sole of your foot. It’s about maintaining posture and balance. Spread your elevated leg wide and rest your weight on your opponent. If you master yoga, you can do the tree by raising your leg to the thigh level (more difficult to maintain balance). Relax, concentrate on the asana itself by eliminating negative thoughts about possible problems that the new day may bring you.


It is a yoga posture to do in the morning, ideal to stretch your spine and feel your whole body. Place yourself on the mat with your knees and palms resting on it (four legs). Breathe in while “pulling” from your back upwards, looking for the concave posture. Tuck your hips in and tilt your head slightly inward (chin to the back of your neck). Hold on for a few seconds and slowly release the air while chasing the opposite posture, i. e. convex back and chin upwards.

The Cobra

Continuing with the stretching, do this yoga posture to begin your day with cervicals as new. Lying face down, she rests her palms on the floor at shoulder level and lifts the trunk without peeling off the abdomen. You work the back and the entire core area by “opening” your pectoral muscles and releasing energy from the inside.

The Cricket

Also called the bridge. This morning yoga exercise balances the previous one. Lying on your back with knees bent, elevate your hips by leaning on your shoulders without straining the neck area. Breathe in as you ascend and expire on descent.

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