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Celebrities who love Yoga

Are you still deciding on which type of exercise is best for your body? Very few of us have time to incorporate strength training and aerobic activity into our already busy schedule, needless to say the energy. Yoga kicks all types of workouts’ derrieres in every sense, plus it can get your own butt into shape.

More and more celebrities are making yoga their main form of exercise, due to the fact that it works every nook and cranny of your body all at once. Yoga uses your body-weight as a form of strength training, without building bulky muscles. Almost every single yoga pose engages your core to help stabilize your body, which means your abdomen is getting the best workout.

Yoga also is an excellent cardiovascular activity as it gets your heart pumping, if you don’t believe me just trying doing a series of sun salutations at a fast steady pace. Plus, yoga doesn’t only help you lose weight, but it keeps your mind focused on following a healthy diet.

Here are some celebrities who don’t only love yoga but agree that practicing yoga is better than working out at the gym any day of the week.

1. Jessica Alba

As a mother, actress and businesswomen she relies on yoga, mediation and spin classes to look her best. In the past she loved martial arts for keeping in shape but recently yoga is her main regimen for keeping her super fit body looking its’ best. Yoga motivated her to have a clean diet and start her company, The Honest Company, that provides clean household products.

2. Kate Hudson

Hudson loves yoga so much that she created her very own line of yoga apparel called Fabletics. Kate is totally hooked on yoga and relies on yoga and Pilates as the only way of keeping in shape. Plus, she admits her quick weight loss after giving birth was due to the fact of regularly practicing yoga.

3. Jessica Biel

Biel says that yoga is a massive staple in her weekly exercise regimen and considers it be essential for balancing stress levels, wellbeing and her overall health. She admits that she doesn’t have time for one hour long workouts but prefers to do 20-minute yoga workouts three to five times a week.

4. Kaley Cuoco

Kaley admits that she is obsessed with yoga and considers it to be her biggest love, after horses of course. She prefers spending time in the yoga studio than a conventional gym, as she feels she gets a better all over workout. She does yoga almost everyday of the week and gives it her all each time.

5. Robert Downey

We are in love with the fact gorgeous Robert has joined the ranks of celebrities who are hitting their yoga mat. But he loves doing yoga with a special someone, his dog! He decided to start regularly doing yoga to cope with stress and to contact with his body and mind.

6. Miranda Kerr

Miranda fell in love with yoga after it helped her beat depression when she spilt from her ex-husband, Orlando Bloom. The former Victoria Secret model claims yoga hasn’t only helped her deal with her negative feelings, but it encouraged her to follow a healthy clean diet and stay focused on positive thoughts. We think it is the secret to her amazing body.

7. Sting

For 67 years old, he looks incredible. He might be older than our father but his body is the envy of most twenty-year-old men. Sting owes his anti-aging process to not missing a single day of yoga practice in more than 20 years, firmly believing that it is reversing his aging process.

8. Reese Witherspoon

Witherspoon owes her youthful vigor and energy to her daily morning fitness fix, which includes a brisk jog and then an intensive yoga class. This 42-year old says practicing yoga regularly keeps her motivated to stick to a healthy lifestyle and diet. Plus, it helps her to accept herself for who she is and not compare herself to others.

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