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Get Beach-Body Ready With One of These Body Positive Bathing Suits

Finding the right bathing suit for your shape can be painful and downright depressing at times. Not finding the best fit or style can leave you feeling insecure, causing you to avoid situations with your friends and family that require wearing a swimming suit in public.

Thankfully, the key to feeling comfortable to wearing a skimpy swimsuit lies in finding the correct design and style for your body. Since we are all beautifully unique, we need to find what works with our shape. We want to accentuate our curves and figure and conceal those little bits and pieces that leave us feeling insecure, such as that little tummy bulge.

Trying on bathing suits at the mall can be a challenge, but sadly it is a necessity. By trying on different styles you can find which cut or design looks good on your body before you dish out your hard earned cash to buy it. But there’s no need to pay high department store prices for a poorly made item. Just get an idea of what looks good and gives you that beach confidence you are looking for and then order it online.

The perfect style bathing suit for your figure

Here are some swimsuit styles to check out according to different troublesome areas.

tummy control bathing suits

Wide hips

One of the biggest fashion trends this year for swimsuits for women takes the attention away from your wide hips by wearing an off-shoulder style swimsuit. This creates a slimming hourglass figure due to the ultimate feminine Bardot neckline. If you want to step it up a notch, look for a red-hot color.

Midsection or torso

Wishing you could wear your shapewear under your bathing suit? Get your confidence back with one of this year’s flattering tummy-control bathing suits. Every woman has a beautiful figure to flaunt and show off, all you need is a swimsuit that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Look for all-over forming control swimwear that comes with slimming color block designs.

Tummy bulge

This season is all about getting into the body positive vibe and getting outside and celebrating life. If you tend to accumulate weight around your tummy, then look for a more athletic style bathing suit. Opt for geo-print swimsuits that have a hit lower on your thighs, making your waistline instantly look slimmer and trimmer.

Lower tummy

If you tend to be a little curvier around your lower abdomen and rear, then this year’s hottest fashion is perfect for you. The high waist will take attention away from your heavier midsection and draw attention to your bust, making you look taller, slimmer and sexier. Look for a vintage style that offers ruched detailing on the sides of the bikini short for an extra boost of personality and confidence.


For those of us with a complex about our bottoms, the very idea of wearing a bathing suit can be a frightening thought. If the thought of flashing too much flesh and drawing attention to that area is scary, then try wearing a swim dress. Often designed with a cute little ruffle along the hem of the skirt and made with all-over firming control fabric for extra confidence.


Are you feeling down because of your thighs? Draw attention to your hourglass waistline with a body positive one-piece bathing suit by choosing styles that place color blocks with darker tones to lengthen and slim your torso instantly. Most plus-size bathing suits come with an underwire bra for additional support.

Big bust

Finding cute bathing suits that provide support for a fuller bust can be a challenge. Your best choice is either a one-piece swimsuit or a bikini with an underwire bra for support. Look for bathing suits with bold prints and adjustable straps that will help you get into the mood for soaking up the sunshine.

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