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How to Heal Your Chakras – Make Yourself Happier and Healthier

In order to heal your chakras, you will need to clear, open and balance them, which will help to restore and maintain your health of your physical and energetic body.

Healing your chakras can easily be performed by a local energy healer or by yourself or with a family member. But before we begin, let’s get back to basics especially for those of you who are new to this subject.

What are chakras?

Chakras are energy centers within the body and play a key role in the health of your physical body and energy systems.

They are located along the central channel of the body from the top of the head down to the base of spine. They are conceived as a whirling-like vortex of which the universal and comic energy flows freely in and out of the body.

Our bodies have seven main chakras and many minor ones. Each chakra directly affects a specific gland, organs and other facets of your being.

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How to improve your chakra health

Your chakras can become blocked or imbalanced. When they are blocked, the free flow of energy to and from your body to and to other chakras is impeded, causing other chakras to become imbalanced and making other chakras under-active or over-active.

These imbalances or blockages can have a profound affect on your being’s personal health, emotions, mind and spirit.

When a the energy flows freely throughout your chakras, it is usually manifested as the following:

  • Relatively good physical health with vitality
  • A overall sense of security and welfare in the world
  • Balanced sexually and creatively active
  • A healthy sense of self worth and a go-getting attitude
  • Enjoy a balanced, healthy relationship with others
  • Feeling of connection to nature
  • Ability to express themselves freely and listen
  • Actively intuitive
  • Sense of connection to a higher power and grasping the meaning of life

First chakra – Root

This is located at the base of your spine, connecting us to the earth, allowing us to release and receive vital nutrients. The root chakra keeps us in the present.

An imbalanced or blocked root chakra can cause issues with your body’s legs, feet, rectum, tailbone, immune system, depression and autoimmune diseases. To soothe a root chakra: drink dandelion tea and eat root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, potatoes, radishes and garlic.

Second chakra – Sacral

This is located below your navel, near the ovaries in women or the prostate in men. It’s main qualities make you creative, sexual and attentive. When this chakra becomes blocked, it can lead to eating disorders, reproductive issues, urinary tract problems, headaches, emotional imbalances and fever.

Use essential oils with sandalwood, calendula and gardenia to soothe this chakra.

Third chakra – Solar Plexus

This chakra controls our emotions and self-esteem. Obviously, if this chakra becomes blocked, you end up feeling pretty low and unworthy. Plus, you could suffer from indigestion, ulcers, diabetes, liver and kidney problems, anorexia, etc.

Use olive oil infused with fresh rosemary to soothe your stomach health. Essential oils made from lavender and bergamot help to unblock the energy flow. Marshmallow tea helps you regain control of your emotions and life.

Fourth chakra – Heart

This chakra is the center of love, compassion and forgiveness. When blocked or imbalanced, it prevents us from forgiving or loving others or ourselves. Plus, it affects your blood circulation.

Hawthorn berry tea increases your ability to trust and love. Use cayenne, jasmine, lavender, marjoram, rose, basil and sage to improve your heart’s health.

Fifth chakra – Throat

This chakra affects your ability of self-expression and causes laryngitis and thyroid problems. Often when blocked the body feels insecure, nervous, fear and anxious.

Red clover blossoms helps in releasing your freedom of speech. Lemon balm heals thyroid disorders. Soothe this chakra with lemon grass, coltsfoot, peppermint and sage.

Sixth chakra – Third eye

This chakra is directly related to the pineal gland and your intuition. When blocked it leads to poor decision-making, self-deception, earaches, poor eye sight, headaches, migraines, insomnia and nightmares.

Soothe this chakra with mint and jasmine tea. Energize your imbalance by using poppy seed, lavender, rosemary and mugwort.

Seventh chakra – Crown

This chakra connects us with the universe and makes us wise. When blocked it causes us to become spiritually disconnected, which leads to depression, nervous disorders, ADD, dyslexia and mental illness.

To open your seventh chakra, use lavender to aid in realigning you with a higher power. Add lotus leaves to your dishes to enhance meditation.

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