How to Wear Yoga Pants and Still Look Chic – Wear Leggings Anywhere

The other day, I was reading an article in New York Times that shamed women over thirty for wearing leggings. Come on, don’t we women get enough flack about other serious matters in life?

The New York Times article basically stated that yoga pants are bad for women and suggested that women over a 30 reconsider wearing tight leggings that show off their every roll and dimples.

I was horrified. As a proud mother of two, I struggle to find time for exercise and clothes that allow me to keep up with my hyperactive children. Personally, I love yoga pants because they are comfortable, provide flexibility to pick up children and the overall versatility.

But the audacity for of New York Times to say that women over 30 shouldn’t be wearing them was downright insulting. But it got me thinking why have leggings for women gotten such a bad rep recently?

Nobody should be pressured to wear sweat pants instead of yoga pants. Just because our personal preference is leggings, it doesn’t give someone the right to body shame us into wearing something else.

But there are some unwritten rules about how to look chic while wearing yoga pants – no matter your age!

How to wear leggings – The 5 Unwritten Rules

First, let’s answer the question: what is the difference between leggings and yoga pants?

Yoga pants used to be made from thinner fabric than leggings, that is until LuLulemon had a gigantic recall on see-through pants. Now there is basically no difference between leggings and yoga pants.

Choosing the right pair of yoga pants can be a challenge, because not only do they need to look great on you and feel comfortable but also they need to be squat proof. You need to make sure that in whatever position you get yourself into that your underwear stays invisible. Make sure you are wearing matching colored knickers.

Size and Fit
We love the way our bum looks bootylicious in yoga pants, but if you wear the wrong size – too small- you will get a muffin top, or too big- you will get wrinkles (and we are too young for those). Choose high-waisted leggings, which will contour your every contour, from your waist down.

Sweat is not sexy. Look for yoga pants that have sweat-wicking fabric. There is nothing worse than getting into your car after a long yoga workout and sticking to your car seat.

Body Shape
We are all beautifully unique, some of us are curvy, others not so much. Find the style of leggings that looks good on you. There are so many styles on the market today, such as cropped, high-waist line, tummy-control and patterned, find out which style and size fits your body.

See-through fabric is a no-no, no matter what planet or country you are from. Yoga pants are pants, not nylons or tights. So unless you are a ballet dancer, make sure that you can’t see through your leggings when you have them on.

Wear leggings anywhere

Now that has been made clear, check out some of my favorite yoga pants to wear to the gym or anywhere your heart desires.

Power Flex Boot Cut Yoga Pants
Made from thick fabric that is cut to contour to your body and every move, giving a streamlined figure. Plus, it comes with a high-rise tummy control waistline.

Ultimate High Waist Leggings
Nothing beats a classic black legging that crops right at the ankle, unless you add a cute little tie around the waist.

Oalka Women Power Flex Yoga Pants
Just the name of these pants motivates you to get moving. Looking for the best leggings? These are perfect for yoga, cardio, running or any type of workout or running errands in town.

Adidas By Stella McCartney
The ideal yoga pants for yoga and Pilates, with sliming side details that ensure a secure fit.

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