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Light candy consumption skyrockets

The candy and confectionery market is getting stronger by the day.

It has more consumption and this also increases the variety by about 30 percent.

Not only people with diabetes look for light sweets, but also those who take care of their health or who don’t want to gain weight because of the calories in sugar.

candy consumption skyrockets

The industry has seen the need to replace sugar to serve this market and other substitutes such as Splenda, agave honey, saccharin and sucralose are used.

He said the light industry represents a new market not only for sweets and confectionery but for the entire food market as people try to consume fewer calories, with the prevailing anti-obesity policy.

The increase in this market has led to the emergence of new companies that offer both drinks, such as pastries, gelatines, chocolates, gummies, marzipan, jams and any type of sugar-free food.

People are still looking for sweets, perhaps at first when the tax was implemented the consumption decreased but in general everything is sold, some things more than others but that already depends on tastes.

More expensive
The manufacture of light sweets has changed to such an extent that there is no rejection for flavor, the problem of diabetes is worldwide and obesity too. They look for the products, they try them and if they like them they continue buying them, when the light market started as it was not very rich but sweeteners have changed and now there is no difference, they enjoy it the same and without risk to their health.

These products are more expensive because raw materials are five times more expensive than sugar.

Taste that evolves
Food consumption has changed, and that is why the industry has also had to change in order to provide care for those people who cannot consume sugar but want to eat the same as others.

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