Mirror Essentials Shapewear, read this opinion before you make your next purchase

shapewear fitness clothesWhen it comes to online shopping, there are a few stores that are my go to. Depending on what I am looking for, whether it’s home goods, electronics, gifts, clothes, etc. But when it comes to shapewear or fitness clothing, I most definitely have my top pic!

The online store is called Mirror Essentials and it’s a really great site.

They are dedicated to getting the cutes and latest trends are really great prices. The prices are so good, in fact, that I am often left wondering how they heck they can do that!

According to the site, they buy in bulk from large companies around the globe to get the best pricing. Since they have such a far reach, it seems to work out well for them. On top of really good prices, they always seem to have sales. In fact, you can sign up and even get 10% off with your first purchase!

Mirror Essentials Shapewear:

So, like I said before, they sell shapewear and fitness items. They have everything from control top panties, to camis, bras and even arm shapers in their shapewear section. It’s all very high-quality, really cute and very comfortable. I’ve gotten quite a few things from them that I love and have come to absolutely rely on whenever I am getting dressed.

They also sell slimming thermo clothes, like their slimming thermos pants. The clothing in this line has an inner layer that raises your core temperature so that you can increase the amount you sweat while you wear them. It’s really good for shedding additional calories while you work out and sweating out your toxins. I really love this line!

They carry sizes from small to 2XL, so no matter what size you are, you will find the item to fit you. Better yet, they have specific size charts for all of their items, so you can measure yourself and get the right fit every single time. In a world of vanity sizing, having real numbers for choosing your clothing is an amazing thing.

You don’t have to go to a store and have those awkward encounters when trying to purchase intimates and shapewear. Ughhh, have you ever had to ask to be measured for a bra, just because you don’t know how they will fit at the different stores? No more embarrassing moments or having to try on a bunch of different clothes, just to see what’s going to fit. You simply look at the chart and compare it to your actual measurements. It’s great!

If you do end up having any questions about sizing, fit or stretch, you can always contact customer service. I’ve done it and they have been super helpful! They ship all over the world, have free returns and really high quality merchandise. I love it!

They’re quickly becoming popular, because people are so pleased when they purchase from them. That’s the reason I’m sharing my experiences with you guys. You can even follow them on Facebook and on Youtube to keep up with the latest news, trends and sales!


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