Yoga exercises and benefits

Some Unexpected Health Benefits From Yoga

The health benefits derived from Yoga outweigh those from conventional aerobic exercise. Since it just doesn’t benefit your physical health but provides countless mental health benefits.

Osteopathic physician, Dr. Nevins says the best form of exercise for your body is Yoga, as it helps the body heal itself naturally. It can lessen chronic pain such as lower back pain; headaches and arthritis pain, plus it lowers blood pressure and reduces insomnia. If you can do just one type of exercise a week, then it should be Yoga.

Good mental health is often overlooked in today’s society, but it can prevent depression, anxiety, and excessive worry and helps us feel satisfied with our lives and have peace of mind. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes that individuals with good mental health are often in good physical shape.

There are quite a few unexpected health benefits that come with Yoga exercises. Here are some reasons that will motivate you to pull out your yoga mat everyday:

  • Increases flexibility
  • Improves strength
  • Boosts immune system
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Jump starts your metabolism
  • Improves your posture
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown

Those are just a few of the benefits you will see within the first week of practicing Yoga. One of the best things about Yoga is that anyone can do Yoga, since there are so many types, making it the ideal exercise for the sedentary couch potato or an expert athlete, just by modifying the pose.

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Why you should practice yoga in the morning

Being honest, most of us aren’t morning people and the idea of getting up for an early morning jog is the last thing we want to do. But a gentle yoga routine is right up our alley, plus you will get additional health benefits.

Jump-start your immune system: By moving our body in the morning, we are awakening our lymphatic system and our blood flow, which gives our immune system an immediate boost.

Focus: Awaken your mind by strength training Yoga poses that will force you to keep your focus. This results in improving your concentration throughout the entire day.

Energy boost: Every time you move, your cells are refreshed with oxygen, reinvigorating your body. After a long night of not moving, you need to get oxygen into your veins and not caffeine, which will only make you feel more sluggish later on in the day.

Reduces stress: Thanks to the increased oxygenated cells and extra endorphins, you will feel ready to face your day with a more positive attitude.

Faster metabolism: Faster metabolism means you can eat more, which is great news for us Foodies. Yoga doesn’t just only increase your metabolism but it improves your digestion and helps to relax toxins that might be causing you to gain weight.

You can enhance your Yoga routine by combining it with aromatherapy, which offers additional physical and mental benefits. For example, a combination of the following essential oils might be exactly what you need to transform your workout:

Vitalize yourself with cedar wood, geraniums and sweet orange, which will improve your outlook and reduce lethargy and restore vitality.

Calm your nerves with jasmine and sweet orange, which restores battered nerves, alleviating frustration and relieving depression.

Soothe your spirit with chamomile, lavender and rose to soothe your heart and balance your emotions.

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