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Tell Me How You Are and I’ll Tell You What Is the Perfect Yoga for You

types of yoga

Would you like to get started in yoga? Great, because it’s all advantages. This practice helps you to get to know yourself better, balances body and mind, teaches you to breathe (yes, to breathe) and gives you flexibility, tone and strength through its different postures, known as’asanas’. So far, so good, but a new question arises: What kind of yoga to join? Depending on whether you start from scratch or not and what you are looking for when you practice it, we will tell you which one is the best for you, take note and say yes to the “postureo”!

Are you cold? Your thing is Bikram Yoga

Yes, basically because it is practiced at 40º, so if you are hot or have low blood pressure this is not your option. On the contrary, if you don’t mind being hot and want to take advantage of your yoga sessions to lose weight, Bikram Yoga is perfect. The asanas practiced in these classes are the classics of traditional yoga (hatha yoga) and are therefore suitable for beginners, where all the muscles are worked and the body is fully oxygenated, and no more toxins!


Any occasion is good for dancing? Buti yoga!

We can say without fear of error that there is a real fever for Buti Yoga. Normal, it’s hilarious. Perfect if you like to dance, because together with the asanas of traditional yoga, you can practice the typical movements of African dances… and twerking. If you want to get in shape in a short time and get your legs, abs and buttocks in shape, you’ve already found the secret.


Always classic? Hatha Yoga

It is probably the most widespread type of yoga in the world from its place of origin in India. A perfect combination of asanas and respirations. Slow and thoughtful movements, concentration, physical and mental balance and relaxation. If you are one of those who go to the essence and have a marked spiritual touch, there is nothing more to say: hatha yoga.


You’re up for it? Say yes to Rocket yoga

The story of this variant of classical yoga is super curious. The members of the legendary rock band Grateful Dead asked the yogi to spin with them a more dynamic routine. Thus, Larry Schultz created Rocket Yoga, not suitable for beginners in the field. Their movements and transitions are very accelerated, the asanas practiced are advanced and body balance is an essential part of the classes.


Runner Spirit? Sign up for Flow Yoga

Also known as Vinyasa. It is a very physical type of yoga, in which elasticity and potency play an important role. It is practiced with music (in principle Hindu or chill, but there are some who put more cane) and his classes are very gymnastic, approaching the aerobic exercises. Breathing helps to control the execution of the movements and the final relaxation will leave you feeling as good as new. It is the favorite yoga for runners.


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