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The right way (and the only way) to apply fake eyelashes

apply fake eyelashes

There is a time and place for everything, and applying your fake eyelashes in the backseat of your Uber going to the club, is definitely not the place. The truth of the matter is that you can wear your fake eyelashes for occasions that don’t include a cocktail or birthday cake.

Good quality falsies are actually meant to be worn everyday, for whatever you have planned such as brunch, coffee date, business meetings or even hitting the pub after work. All you need is the correct fake lash, the right technique and inspiration. So read on to discover how you can apply falsies for any occasion.

How to apply fake eyelashes

There is no need to be afraid of applying fake eyelashes; after all it is as easy as one, two and three.

– First curl your lashes using your eyelash curler and then apply a thin layer of mascara to your lashes.
– Now carefully apply a thin layer of glue to your eyelid above your eyelashes, either use clear or black glue depending on the color of your eyeliner.
– Let your glue dry at least 30 seconds or until the glue feels slightly tacky but not sticky.
– Grab your tweezers and press the lashes along the natural lash line, pushing firmly in the center then towards the ends. It might take a few times to master.

Pro tips that you need to know about falsies

Fake eyelashes are ideal for those days that you want to look and feel a little extra special. The best fake eyelashes will have an ultra skinny sticky band with extremely fine, lashes that look real and not fake. That might sound ironic but your falsies shouldn’t look like something Barbie would be wearing, you want them to look like the real deal.

Choose the right falsies

If you don’t like the feel of strip lashes, then check individual falsies that can be spaced between your natural lashes for a more full look. Or just apply them to the corner of your eyes for the ideal smoky cat eye.

For a flawless look

To avoid lumpy falsies, look for varieties that don’t include a layer of self-adhesive glue, as they can go on unevenly. Plus, the self-adhesive glue will not adhere for long periods to your skin. Instead, use your own glue to stick your fake eyelashes to your eyelids.

A natural extension of your lashes

Once you have applied the fake lashes and let the glue dry for about five minutes, grab your eyelash curler again and oh-so gently curl your lashes together. Then apply a thin layer of mascara to finish the look. If you want a softer look then use clear mascara for a natural sheen.

Follow your natural lash line

Falsies often are designed to fit a generic lash line that looks bunched up on your eyelid. To avoid this, cut the eyelash strips in half and apply them in two different parts, this will allow you to customize it to your natural eyelid shape.

For fuller lashes

Before you apply your fake eyelashes, swipe them to loosen up the lashes. By doing this they will look fluffier, fuller and more natural when applied. Also, grab you thickest eyeliner pencil the night before you plan to wear your falsies and wrap the lashes around the pen and leave overnight. They will have a rounder curl that will make your eyes pop.

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