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ThirdLove slashes prices in an attempt to attract Victoria’s Secret customers

ThirdLove is a direct-to-consumer online bra brand that is shaking up the lingerie industry. They are giving Victoria’s Secret a run for their money by using bold advertising and reinventing the way women purchase bras.

More than 12 million women have taken a quick quiz on their website to help determine their ideal bra size and style. The more participants, the smarter and stronger their algorithm becomes. ThirdLove has no intention of ever opening up stores, as their sole purpose is to make bra shopping online the new norm.

The quiz takes less than three minutes. You will be asked to provide your current cup size and favorite brand. Since our bras can stretch overtime, they want to know the age of your current everyday bra. Also, they will inquire about the fit of your current bra’s straps, band, etc. All of your results will be sent to your email address, giving them the opportunity to send you promotions, etc. All of their bras have been fitted on real women so you can find the ideal size.

The 7-year old online company just announced that they will dropping their prices on two of their most popular bras: wireless and 24/7 T-Shirt Style. ThirdLove hopes that the new pricing will entice new customers that are wary about buying bras online. The bold move is a smart tactic, especially after Victoria’s Secret announced that they will closing more than 250 stores nationwide, making it more difficult to buy a bra in person.

ThirdLove provides a unique option that we have never seen before, by allowing you to order the same style in another size when ordering. This gives you the opportunity to compare sizes to find the best fit. You just have to return the size that didn’t correctly fit in less than 14-days if you don’t want to get charged.

Victoria’s Secret, Aerie and Calvin Klein are considered to be leaders in the lingerie department in United States. ThirdLove is hoping to break into their core market by aligning their bra prices with that of the competition.

thirdlove vs victorias secret

Another marketing tactic to attract new customers is by focusing their advertising through the right channels. Instead of using TV commercials, which reach their targeted audience by using ads on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and podcasts.

ThirdLove is generating more than $100 million dollars annually, and like most fashion retailers saw a dip in sales in March of this year. But, that was to be expected and sales have once again stabilized. Almost fifty percent of their sales come from repeat customers and less than twenty percent customers return their order for a new size.

ThirdLove has definitely created a new innovative way for buying bras online. But will it replace in-store bra shopping in the future? Perhaps if they keep up their marketing techniques. However, for now most of us are still attached to going the department store and trying on a few different styles at the same time, before we find our perfect fit.

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