Yoga exercises and benefits

Exercises, tips, secrets and everything you ever wanted to know about yoga. Believe it or not, the practice of yoga is very simple, you just have to feel like it.

We will also recommend yoga accessories and clothes that you can use, from simple yoga leggings to more special clothing.

With proper guidance and coaching, you will learn to practice this millenary discipline. Starting with a few minutes a day, you will feel great improvements in your way of thinking and seeing life.

Designer Melissa Mitchell just signed a contract with Spanx

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Benefits of Yoga in Pregnancy

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5 Yoga Postures to Relieve Back Pain

Do you sit around all day? Do you end up with your back all messed up after a day’s work? It’s time for you to incorporate yoga exercises to reduce back pain, strengthen your spine and abdomen and improve flexibility. Yoga postures do not have to be complicated or advanced. …