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Your complete guide to upper lip hair removal

lip hair removal

You are not alone! We too struggle with that little peach fuzz above our upper lip that seems to get darker and darker as we age. All of us have facial hair just sometimes it is more noticeable on some than others.

Here is everything you need to know about how to remove that annoying upper lip hair from shaving to lasers.


The prefect option if you are in rush, as it removes all of those pesky little hairs painlessly and without any redness. If you decide to shave away your peach fuzz, make sure you use an electric trimmer for a more precise cut.

But the drawback is that within 24 hours you will be able to feel rough stubble beginning to grow back. Basically turning it into a daily chore, much like shaving your armpits and overtime it begins to grow in darker, making it more noticeable.

Facial hair removal cream

A trusted product that can easily be brushed on to any spots on your face that have facial hair, and within a few minutes you rinse it off and voila no more moustache.

One of the main disadvantages to using hair removal creams is that it doesn’t remove your hair permanently, so you will need to use it daily. Also the chemicals in the cream can cause reddening and slight irritation, so make sure you have an Aloe Vera cream to soothe your skin after use.


Have you ever had your eyebrows threaded? If so, you know that it isn’t pain free but the pain is bearable. Out of all of the hair removal procedures available, this one probably will give you the best results for the cost. Threading pulls the hairs out by the root, so it will take over a month to grow back.

One downside is that you will have slight irritation for a few hours after the removal. If you must go in public, just apply some soothing gel to the area. Also, it is common to get ingrown hairs with threading, so regularly exfoliate your skin.


Cream bleach is brushed on to your upper lip hair to minimize appearance of that ugly stubble. It only takes about ten minutes to bleach your fuzzy hairs.

Overtime, constant bleaching can cause your skin to become more prone to hyper-pigmentation, by causing your skin to react more easily to light. The result will be more freckles and dark spots. Others notice that their skin is slightly irritated and red after each treatment.


Epilators are used on small areas of your skin, such as your upper lip. They are designed to capture those short and fine hairs easily that sometimes escape the blade or a cream. The biggest pro to using a epilator is that you can use it in the privacy of your own home and gives you results for about a month.

Not all epilators are created equal, one that will give you the results you are looking for, will cost you a bundle.


If you opt for waxing, then pay a little extra for a professional to remove your hairs, as it will prevent burns or scabs. Waxing will remove hairs for up to a month and isn’t as painful as threading.

Waxing is unable to target fine hair or new stubble that is growing in. So if you want prefect results, you will need to get waxed weekly.

Intense Pulsed Light and Laser

A few years ago, it was only possible to get laser treatments at professional salon but nowadays you can do it in the comfort of your own home. This will give you semi-permanent results but it will take longer than the above options. It will take 3 to 6 months to see results and then after, you will just need to do maintenance.

Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light are not suitable for dark skin tones and it doesn’t hurt, just an uncomfortable pinch. Out of the seven different hair removal treatments this is the most expensive option.

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